Gaby’s Chicken Larb Bowl’s

Gaby’s Chicken Larb Bowl’s

Hayyyyy🙋🏻 You GUYS! I did it, I started a Cookbook Club📚 and it’s as Amazinggg as I Imagined it would be. We’re so busy having fun that I’m 2 months late telling you all about it🤣

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What’s not to like???!! So. Much. FUN! As most of you know, I’m a tad (the most) obsessed with Cookbooks. Me & the Girls meet once a Month and everyone brings a recipe from the book. I picked 6 of my faves (1 book every 2 months). 

First up👇🏻
Gaby Dalkin’s : What’s Gaby Cooking: Everyday California Food

A perfect mix of Fresh, Seasonal, Healthy Recipes with Amazing dishes for Entertaining and Indulging!

So like I mentioned, we cook out of the same book for 2 Months (1 meeting per month). Both of our Meetings were DELICIOUS!!! I hosted the first one, Carole hosted the second! Here’s the Menus😍😍

Cook Book Club Meeting #1:

I made my Aperol & Grapefruit Basil Spritz (Recipe is on my Insta)

–  Poblano Scallion Queso
–  Spring Cobb with Asparagus, Artichokes and Avocado
–  Pesto Broccolini
–  Perfect Meatballs with Cherry Tomato Sauce
–  Mocha-Chocolate Chunk Brownies

Cook Book Meeting #2:

Drinks: Gaby’s Strawberry & Peach Rosé Sangria (Carole replaced the Brandy with Coconut Rum, it was👌🏻)

–  Green Goddess Dip
–  Grilled Radicchio Salad
–  Pulled Pork Pizza
–  Street Corn Pizza
–  Meyer Lemon Bars

SO GOOD YOU GUYS!!! This book is great, would 100% recommend! So these Chicken Larb Bowls are in the book, definitely worth making!! Sweet & Spicy Chicken, Tangy homemade pickles served on Coconut Rice with Fresh Herbs and Extra Siracha, YUM! It’s like a Take Out/Fake Out recipe, love itt!! She shared the recipe a little while back so I thought I would share it with all of you! I linked it above, make sure to browse all the other deliciouness on her blog🤤

Our current CookBook of the Month is: Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables 

Making the Vegetables the Star of the dish, protein’s are more of an accompaniment. Great Concept everyone is loving it so far. Keeping you all posted soon😘


2 thoughts on “Gaby’s Chicken Larb Bowl’s”

  • So, I’m a sucker for both coconut and kale, so this was basically a sure-shot for me. But my husband generally avoids both, and I have a toddler… so this could have gone either way.

    Well, both of them went for seconds. This was SO good and wildly easy to make. I whipped it up in about 20 minutes while keeping an eye on my newborn.

    The chicken/kale mix has the perfect mix of sweet/salty with a little kick. I cooked the kale in coconut oil because coconut oil is life. The rice is a perfect addition with its sweet and slightly nutty taste.

    Honestly, I was sure I’d made enough for leftovers but my husband and toddler cleaned me out! This is a definite new go-to in our house. Thanks for sharing this, Nat!

    • Awwwe Thanks Amélie!!!
      So happy the whole Fam loved it that it turned out great!! Definitely one of my favorites too!!!
      XO, Nat

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