About Me

Hi There🙋🏻, I’m Nat, Thanks for Stopping by!
I’m a self-taught cook (although some credit must be given to Martha, Ina & Racheal, Aren’t they the best!) I’ve always loved cooking, but over the years my love for food has grown and you could say I’m pretty much obsessed.  I’m literally thinking of food, all.the.time.. who’s with me?  I’m always thinking of what recipes I should recreate next! Some of my favourites include, pasta, pasta and more pasta, accompanied by an Aperol Spritz of course😉 But I also love a good salad! Life’s all about balance, right? My obsession with cookbooks is REAL.. 121 and counting! I will happily share my faves with all of you! Cookbook club? Yay!

I hope you find some inspiration to create your own food memories.

XO, Nat